goatfawn 2

I "fawn" my way home...

Happy Memorial Day!!! This weekend is very special for our family. We are a retired military family and have experienced much over the 23 years of my husband's service. We are reminded and grateful for all of the service member's sacrifices and those who continue to protect our way of life. God Bless them all!!!

Speaking of protecting, we had an interesting thing happen this weekend. We have a small hobby farm close to the vacation rental homes. Our hobby farm has 12 chickens, 6 geese, 4 goats and 2 rabbits. We hopefully will have a colt next year.....yes, our own petting zoo with fresh eggs daily.

The goats' main purpose, besides being cute, is to eat the invasive foliage (e.g. buckthorn) eliminated from the farm rather than using chemical herbicides. They are free to wander the farm but always return home in the evening. On Friday they came home with a new guest following them, a whitetail deer fawn.

The whitetail fawn was probably born within a day or so because it was still shaky in the back legs. We expected the mother to come get the fawn but it bunked in the barn with the goats and hasn't left. Based on the deer carcass close to the road we unfortunately expect the mother was hit by a car.

As it turns out goats milk is the ideal replacement for whitetail milk. If wasn't for the goats finding and protecting the orphaned fawn, it would have perished. Too funny, the fawn now thinks it is a goat!

The photo with the goat is our daughter Maria and the photo with the fawn is our son Mitchell. It is the small mystical things that happen in a person's life that make it interesting.

The weather is spectacular in Prior Lake, Minnesota!

Lady Loon